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Closeness means environment protection

PEMA uses grain from farming of the Fichtelgebirge, near the company.

Fact is that PEMA mills the grain itself without having to detour to a mill-an important factor for an optimal CO2 balance.

The same applies to the delivery.  A well thought out logistics keep the distances short and reduce the fuel consumption.

Catalysts filters the exhaust of the ovens, the waste heat will be used to heat the social facilities.

A declared aim is to use energy as efficiently as possible.

PEMA is part of the Environment Project Bavaria and member in the Quality association of environmentally friendly enterprises. Its environmental management is continuously audited and documented.


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QUB. What is QUB?
The QUB – “Qualitätsverbund umweltbewusster Betriebe” (“Quality-network of environmentally conscious businesses“) is an integrated certifying-system for businesses from craft, industrial manufacture and sales, which incorporated basic requirements for quality-, and environmental-management systems.
The implementation of these, altogether 13 criteria is screened by an independent certification association, every two years.

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The Environmental pact Bavaria
The environmental pact Bavaria is an agreement between the Bavarian state government and the Bavarian economy. It is based on voluntariness, self-responsibility and co-operation. In the Environmental pact the Bavarian state Government and the Bavarian economy declare their insistent conviction, that the natural livelihood can be protected more efficiently by means of voluntary and reliable co-operation between state government and economy, than by means of mere laws and regulations.