unterbanner philosophy

I press the values of clarity and simplicity – they are entirely different to “simple-mindedness”.

Raymon Carver sets out to define language in a way, which goes in accordance with the PEMA philosophy: “The objective is to achieve simplicity”.

To achieve this is all but simple; simplicity is: “PEMA bread has a short ingredients list – Rye, water, and salt, nothing else.”

An attentive use of raw materials.

PEMA knows all the farmers who provide crops. They abstain from using genetically modified seeds and treat the crops responsibly, which is monitored independently, from sowing to harvest, on a regular basis.

The processes are slow.

Every step takes time, which is kept accurately. Only that way the healthy components of the rye and its unmistakable taste remain. To bake healthy whole grain bread means to be responsible with respect to nature. PEMA presses sustainable actions and not to waste any resources, during the entire production process. Our conviction is reflected by our membership with the “Qualitaetsverbund umweltbewußter Unternehmen” (Quality network of sustainable companies) and our participation with the Umweltpakt Bayern (Bavarian Sustainability Code).


"The true art of baking bread is to do
it in such a way
that no one can add
or take anything
without compromising
the product itself."

Heinrich Leupoldt